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Komodo National Park

Explore over 20 top dives site ranging from drift dives, macro, schooling fishes and mantas.. Home to Komodo dragons, Komodo National Park also features spectacular diving and Jurassic Park like topography on the topside.

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The Forgotten Islands - Southern Ring of Fire

A taste for adventure? Dive to the unknown with this itinerary, untouched corals and nature at its most pristine.

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Alor- Wakatobi/ Wakatobi- Alor

The Wakatobi National Park is the third largest marine park in Indonesia. Legendary underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau called the Wakatobi islands – then known as the Tukangbesi islands an “Underwater Nirvana”. Now a national marine park covering the entire Waktobi

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Bali-Komodo/ Komodo- Bali

Enjoy diving best sites of Bali and Komodo with this itinerary. Going from either the east to the west or west to the east, take in the fantastic diving and spectacular topside. This route also cuts out one of the domestic flights that are necessary for our other

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